What’s this all about anyways…


When no one else will listen…I type it out…at least I’m getting it out of my system…even if no one hears me!

Life can be so overwhelming. I’ve endured so much in my 35 years on this Earth. I’ve seen the good. My kids, my husband, wonderful family, my faith, a job, a home. The list goes on. The bad, which for me have included struggling relationships, panic attacks, anxiety, smart mouth children. (Need I say more.) And unfortunately; the ugly…emotional abuse, *EX* husbands drug abuse, divorce, children w/ emotional issues, death…the list goes on.

Approval not needed:

Life is not always ugly…I’ve had my share of it. I don’t enjoy it. I’d be foolish to think the ugly was over for me. The good and the bad are thrown at me every day. It’s life. It’s how we deal with those issues that make us the people we are.

Life is too short to be serious all the time. So, if you can't laugh at yourself, call me... I'll laugh at you.: Can we laugh at ourselves when we do something stupid?

Righteousness is "to love others with honor & respect---it's the "only" work we are called to do here! When Righteousness is the ROOT, a changed behavior is the FRUIT! Changed behavior comes when we "renew the mind" to line up with His Word! It's Repentance unto GOD!: Can we say we’re sorry when we hurt someone?

I love to laugh. I enjoy writing. I enjoy reading. I enjoy talking. I enjoy opinions even if they aren’t the same as mine. I’m very direct and enjoy giving my opinion. I prefer to talk about something and get it out on the table rather than to bottle it up. Sometimes those around me don’t want to listen. Therefore, I write.

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