I’m laying here scrolling through my phone trying to get sleepy when out of the corner of my eye something distracts me.

As if he belonged in my bed, he scurried across my sheet beside my arm. I immediately jumped back and slapped at him. Somehow this fearless breed of arachnid crawls across my hand. Without hesitation I go in to super ninja combat mode and try to get the thing off the bed.


I reach up toward the ceiling fan to turn the light on and as I was reaching my aggressive watchdog grabs his bone as if I was trying to steal it from him. Realizing he was going to give me no assistance with his predatory terrier skills I looked over the side of the bed to face this creature. I see the beast obviously dazed by its flight through the air and can only describe the size of this spider similar to a small dinosaur. I grab a book from my nightstand and stealthily slam the book down on the floor crushing my unwelcomed intruder. I look over at my dear sweet hubby only to find that he never even moved. I would inform him the next morning that I saved his life during the night.

Now I’m laying here wide awake, adrenaline pumping from my karate kid moment. I just had a mini heart attack/stroke and everyone around me sleeps. No concern for my emotional trauma whatsoever!!







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